Immigration Medical Exam in Peabody, MA

You must pass required Immigration Physicals to apply for a U. S. Green Card (lawful permanent residence). We can help with that. At Century Medical in Peabody, MA we offer Immigration Exams for anyone applying for adjustment of status or permanent residence in the United States. Our Immigration Exams are affordable by an authorized USCIS provider, Dr. Katz, M. D.

Services we provide for Immigration Physicals:

  • We perform blood and urine test

  • Our doctor can administer the required vaccination (for an additional fee)

Ater the exam is completed, we will fill out a completed I-693 form for you to submit to the USCIS. Here is how the process works:

First Visit to our doctor office in Peabody MA:
  • You need to bring us a copy of your immunization records if you have one, substantially reducing the time required at the center

  • The initial physical fee will be collected during your visit

  • For applicants, we will draw blood and urine to be sent to the lab. We can expect to receive results from the lab within one week

  • If your test results are abnormal, you will be requiring future evaluation (additional fees may apply)

  • If you need an interpreter, you need to come with a translator on the first appointment. Your interpreter will need to sign the form

Second Visit to our doctor office:
  • After we have received the results of the titers (usually within one week), we will contact you. 

  • The Physical packet with I-693 Form will be completed and sealed for your pickup and submission to USCIS. You physically need to pick up your paperwork.

The results of the Immigration Physicals are generally valid for only 12 months. Applicants should schedule appointments as close as possible to the time they file for adjustment of status but provide for sufficient time for the performance of laboratory testing. 


For more information about immigration medical details, please call Century Medical at

(978) 594-8980 or contact us online.

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