Primary Care Doctor in Peabody, MA

Reasons Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor

  • Better manage chronic disease

  • Transparency of entire health history

  • Lower overall health costs

  • Routine screenings

  • Catch health issues early

  • Referrals to other medical specialists

  • A decrease in hospital and ER visits

  • Better patient-provider communication

Are you looking for a PCP in Peabody, MA?

Dr. Alexander Katz is a primary care physician (PCP) in Peabody, MA. He is board certified in Family Medicine and has been working in MA since 2005. His professional interests include chronic diseases management and women’s health.


If you are looking for a top-quality primary care physician in Peabody, MA, call our medical office and schedule an appointment with our doctor.


We provide holistic health care, routine checkups, all kinds of medical exams (including immigration medical exam) and vaccines, allergy testing, comprehensive family medicine, cosmetic medicine, weight loss, IV Infusions therapy, chronic diseases management.


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Our Staff at Century Medical Peabody is dedicated to helping you reach and maintain a healthy weight!


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