Weight Loss Service

If you are looking to lose weight, choose your weight management service with care. Managing your weight within a healthy range can reduce your risk of health conditions.


The best way to achieve safe weight lose it is to go to your physician who knows your medical history and can either discuss suitable weight loss strategies or recommend an accredited practicing dietitian.


It’s important to speak with your physician before starting any weight loss program. This is especially important if you take any form of prescription medicine or if you have a pre-existing condition, such as:

  • obesity

  • diabetes (type 1, type 2 and gestational)

  • pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • kidney disease

  • liver disease

  • food allergies

  • digestive system disorders such as coeliac disease

  • high blood pressure

  • heart disease, angina or cardiac arrhythmia

  • an eating disorder (or a history of disordered eating)

  • cancer

  • epilepsy

  • thyroid disease

  • depression

  • gall bladder problems such as gallstones

  • gout.


Here at Century Medical PC, we welcome anyone who has a weight concern and hopes to gain a sense of control over his or her weight. Our doctors in Peabody understand the challenges of living with excess weight and the challenges of losing it. If you have tried and failed repeatedly, we can provide you with the expert medical help you need.


Our Weight Loss Management Program treats the whole person, with a focus on overall health and well-being. Our integrated approach to weight loss includes nutrition guidance, exercise, counseling, and monitoring of medical conditions, as needed. We have a nutritionist on staff for consultation at our location in Peabody, Massachusetts. Also we will provide metabolic panel testing and we offer ongoing support for long-term success.

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Our Staff:


Dr. Paige Katzenstein provides personalized Nutrition services to the patients at Century Medical, PC. Although Paige’s expertise is diabetes, she is also is passionate about helping patients to lose weight, prevent diabetes, correct digestive disorders, and control heart disease.

Dr. Alexander Katz is board certified in Family Medicine and has been working in MA since 2005. He is a real supporter of Nutrition education and counseling in both individual and group sessions for his patients.  Dr.Katz professional interests include chronic disease management and women’s health.


Do not hesitate, schedule your Nutrition visit with Dr.Katz and Dr. Paige today ONLINE or call our office at (978) 594-8980!

Our Staff at Century Medical Peabody is dedicated to helping you reach and maintain a healthy weight!


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