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What Are Preventive Care Services Right for Me?

Preventive care is very important for your well-being because it consists of measures taken to prevent diseases and severe conditions. Regular health checkups help avoid health issues before they start or get worse and better manage chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Preventive health care can improve your health and reduce the risk of later adverse health outcomes. Also, prevention is always cheaper than treatment. Simple changes in diet and lifestyle are still a very effective way to lower your healthcare costs.

The Most Important Preventive Health Care Services:

  • Annual check-up (once a year)

  • Flu shot (once a year)

  • Mammogram (once a year, usually after the age of 40)

  • Routine vaccinations

  • Colonoscopy (typically every ten years, usually after the age of 50)

We offer a wide range of preventive and wellness care services in our Century Medical Center in Peabody, MA, such as diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases, screenings, vaccinations, IV therapy, women’s health, medical weight loss program, allergy testing, integrative medicine, nutritional consultations, preventive pharmacology and much more. Remember, check-ups, vaccines, and screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies are covered by insurance and at no cost. Breast and colon cancer screenings can help prevent colon cancer or find it in the early stages when it’s more treatable. It is essential to know your blood pressure and to do cholesterol tests regularly.

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Eat wisely, maintain a healthy diet with natural, whole foods, stick to a consistent meal schedule, and stock healthy snacks. Eat enough water (6-8 glasses of water a day).

  • Be physically active, take a walk or hike, do yard work or garden, go to the gym, or be active indoors.

  • Sleep well, keep a regular sleep schedule, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and screen time before bed. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

  • Think positive, focus on your blessings, reframe situations, and embrace supporting relationships.

Regular checkups help us to avoid health problems
Annual health check-up in Peabody, MA by Dr. Katz

In our Century Medical Center in Peabody, MA, we are always happy to consult you on chronic disease management, losing weight, eating healthfully, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol use, and treating depression. Invest in your long-term health!

Most health insurance plans are required to cover preventive care services at 100%. For more information and to schedule your appointment, please call us at (978) 594-8980 or contact us online. Your health is essential for us!

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