• Eva Kavanagh

What Is a Physical Exam?

Do you get checked yearly by your primary physician?

Not necessarily going because you are sick or have something wrong, but to prevent and keep track of how your body is doing each year is important.

Besides having your doctor perform the routine checkup, be sure to leave the office with a script for bloodwork. Ask your doctor to explain everything. These results provide great value since they are a wonderful comparison tool for when you get bloodwork taken next year. You’ll be able to catch any drastic changes that could be worth looking further into if you have proof of the differences.

Also, if one of the reasons you don’t go to the doctors for an annual visit is because of costs, most insurance plans cover preventive screenings, FREE of charge. Call your health insurance company to double-check and find a doctor in-network!

Patients who have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs have to continuously consult their physicians! Make sure you take care of your body. The doctor may review your diet, exercise regimen, and/or other issues about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let him know if you have any questions about your general health.

Primary care doctor checks your weight, BMI, body temperature, pulse rate, and respiration. He tests your blood pressure. High blood pressure may indicate the risk of heart diseases, stroke, or prediabetes. Low blood pressure may be a sign of heart problems or nutritional deficiencies.

All these screenings help your doctor determine the general status of your health. Your doctor will also review other “screening tests” that may be recommended for you. Women may need a breast exam, pap smear, and/or pelvic exam. Men may need a prostate exam, testicular exam, and a hernia check.

Optimize your health by having regular check-ups with your primary doctor. With so much information available to us at our fingertips sometimes it can be confusing and overwhelming.

At the Century Medical, PC, in Peabody, we are here to give you clarification and peace of mind. For more information please call us at (978) 594-8980 or contact online.

Schedule your consultation and preventative/wellness check-up with the best doctors in Peabody, MA!

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