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Flu Shot: The Importance of Flu Protection

Flu season is right now among us, and activity can last as late as May. And you should know that influenza viruses circulate year-round. Have you got your flu shot?

Do you think the flu treatment may be natural?

You can try to fight flu by natural remedies such as warm broth, herbal tea, honey, garlic, essential oils, probiotics, and other great things. Some of them can ease your symptoms.

But only immunization with a flu vaccine can really protect you and stop flu spread especially if you have chronic diseases.

Also, our immune systems tend to lessen in strength as we age, and we recommend older adults get a flu vaccine each year. Having the flu can mean complications and more severe symptoms for seniors, so make sure your elder loved ones consult with their healthcare provider and schedule a vaccination.

It is not too late as long as flu viruses are circulating. Getting your flu shot doesn’t just protect yourself, it protects all the others you come into contact with!

Important Facts

  • The flu shot WON’T give you the flu⠀

  • You need to get yearly flu shot to protect yourself each year. The flu virus can change from season to season⠀

  • It is WAY better to get the vaccine than to wait and get the flu⠀

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Come in today and protect yourself and your family from the flu!

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