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Health Tips for Happy 4th of July!

Dr. Katz and our team at Century Medical wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July!

The 4th of July is typically a night where neighbors, family, and friends get together around food and fireworks! It’s a great time to connect with each other and not worry about work or stress.

However, every year we bring tips for you to have a healthy and happy 4th of July:

• Eat a healthy breakfast at your own house, going to cookouts

• Always pick baked, grill, broiled options – make healthier decisions

• Fill the plate with the most greens you can

• Go for healthier sides such as corn on the cob and bean salad

• Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol

• Do not eat carbs after 3 pm

• Drink a lot of water

• Dessert only if it contains protein and less than 5 grams oz sugar

• Eat healthy snacks: cherries, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, red grapes

• Have fun and enjoy your family and friends

• Next day keep moving and continue with your regular healthy diet and activities

Happy Fourth of July to all our patients and friends!

Please contact us if you have any health concerns or questions! Feel free to call us during business hours at 978-594-8980 to book an appointment or speak with one of the team.

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