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  • Eva Kavanagh

How to Stay Healthy This Winter

The chances of getting sick, especially catching a fever or a cold, get exceptionally high during the winter season. It’s necessary to take appropriate precautions to protect you and your family and ensure that you stay healthy and warm during the winter season.

First of all, stay warm! Staying warm during the winter is an integral part of maintaining good health and avoiding diseases.

stay healthy this winter, snow elm branches

These are the things you can do to stay warm:

  • Stay physically active. Physical activity requires the body to burn more energy. As a consequence, your body becomes warm. If you exercise regularly during the winters, it will keep your body warm naturally.

  • Consume foods that warm you up. Foods like dry fruits or eggs and drinks like warm milk or coffee keep you warm and cozy during the winters. If you consume them regularly, they will keep you warm and safe. Note: Alcohol is an exception. Alcohol does not warm up your body but increases the blood circulation to the surface of your skin.

  • Dry yourself up as soon as you bathe. Even after you bathe in warm water, the water on your skin eventually evaporates leaving your skin colder. So, as soon as you bathe, dry yourself up with a towel.

  • Dress warm and in many layers. Although it’s an obvious thing to do, some people still neglect it. Wearing woolen fabric instead of cotton and wearing a few layers of clothing will keep you warm during the winter. Wool is also a bad absorbent of moisture, which will prevent your body from cooling down. If you must be outside for a time, take breaks in warm places.

  • Winterize your home. Install insulations, weather stripping, storm windows, and check your heating system.

Tips for staying safe:

  • Get a flu shot. It can help you and those around you healthier, which especially important during the pandemic.

  • Travel according to your local weather. Winter forecasts can change frequently. Get your vehicle checked to see if it is safe to be driven in the winter season.

  • Wash your hands regularly. While this precaution is as important during summers, it should be done with special consistency in winter because of the high risk of flu and covid-19. If you wash your hands with soap and water appropriately, it will reduce the risk of you catching a virus or spreading it to others.

  • Use electric heaters, or keep your room ventilated. Gas heaters or fireplaces usually result in the accumulation of hazardous gases like carbon monoxide. The potential risk of a fire occurring increases significantly. Either use electric heaters that are considered safe, or keep your house ventilated to maintain the air concentration.

  • Never sleep or leave your place with the heating system on or the fires lit.

Check on family, friends, and neighbors, especially older adults, to make sure they have heat and are safe inside. Stay happy and healthy this winter!

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