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IV Therapy in Peabody Medical Clinic

Perfect Hydration and Nutrition for Your Body

Did you know that IV Therapy offers so many incredible and unique benefits? We help our patients restore their energy and vitality and recommend IV Therapy for all of our clients looking for a health boost.

We at our Century Medical, PC in Peabody, MA provide IV Therapies for:

  • Hydrate

  • Energy

  • Hangover

  • Fit

  • Immunity

Hydration is critical to the recovery of your body. If you are feeling tired after a long day at the office, most likely you are dehydrated and need fluids right away to restore your energy. Drinking water does not hydrate you immediately due to the fact since your body has to take time to process the water through your digestive system and reach your dehydrated cells. Also, the type of water you drink based on its PH levels will or will not be easily absorbed into the cells. If the water has minerals that are difficult to absorb into your dehydrated cells, then there is no benefit in that water because it isn’t being absorbed. Those types of water are distilled water and water with low PH. IV Therapy that goes directly into the bloodstream can hydrate you immediately as well as the nutrients and minerals from our vitamin infusions.

IV Therapy allows fluids to enter directly into your bloodstream and offers immediate results while ensuring absorption of vitamins and minerals. When taking the same medications, vitamins, and supplements orally, the body's absorption rate is much lower. Additionally, it would take several hours to ingest, whereas the IV therapy session lasts anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes. The procedure is safe and simple. Every session includes a complimentary consultation and diagnostic review. The mix of vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, and fluids that you get with IV therapy allows you to get back to feeling great in no time. If you are looking for energy and recovery, or just want a boost among other things, IV Therapy is the way to go. The results last for many days.

doctor in white coat holding a paper about nutrient IV cocktail menu
IV Therapy by Dr. Katz in Peabody MA

IV Therapy alleviates common symptoms of many acute and chronic diseases. It’s a great addition to any healthcare plan. Revitalize yourself from the inside out! Health shouldn’t be ignored until it’s needed. For more information please call Century Medical at (978) 594-8980 or contact us online.

Check out all amazing IV Therapy treatments that we can bring to you and schedule your consultation with the best doctors in Peabody, MA!


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