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Stress-Free Thanksgiving Tips!

Happy Thanksgiving from Century Medical, PC in Peabody! Thank you for being part of our practice family! We wish you a fun and safe weekend.

We all know the holiday season can be bad for your health, so

here are a few tips:

· Focus on healthy meals

· Eat a breakfast high in protein to help curb hunger and portions

throughout the day

· Take a morning walk or go for a jog before the celebration

· Drink more water, less alcohol

· Choose lower calories options

· Stop eating before you have the chance to feel full

· Eat more white meat (turkey breast) and mashed potatoes instead of dark meat with stuffing

· Full ½ of your plate with vegetables

Share these tips with friends and family and have a safe and happy holiday! Don’t forget to check your health with us! You always can schedule your appointment with one of our doctors in Peabody MA online or call us: (978) 594-8980

We are OPEN this Friday, November 29th!

Our address is: 6 Essex St, Peabody, MA 01960

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