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You Can Die From Tetanus If You Are Not Vaccinated

Tetanus is life-threatening disease caused by a bacterial toxin that affects your nervous system. Tetanus is usually contracted when the bacteria enters the body through a wound. Vaccines have significantly reduced cases of tetanus in the developed world. But, if you are not up-to-date on your vaccination, there is still a risk of contracting this painful and life-threatening disease.

Vaccination is especially important because there is no cure for tetanus. It’s treated by managing the patient’s health until the tetanus toxin is out of the body.

Due to the effectiveness of the vaccine, the general public is not mindful of the dangers of tetanus. But, a recent trend in parents choosing not to vaccinate has changed that.

Recently, an unvaccinated 6-year-old boy in Oregon was hospitalized for two months and almost died when he contracted tetanus when he suffered a deep cut while playing on a farm.

What are the causes of tetanus?

Certain activities and occupations increase the likelihood of contracting tetanus. Tetanus can result any time there is a puncture to the skin. This includes splinters, body piercings, tattoos, dirty needles, insect and animal bites.

Occupations with a higher risk of deep cuts like construction, working outdoors and farming present more opportunities for deep cuts in unsanitary situations. Hobbies such as hunting and fishing also offer more chances for infection.

But, tetanus can also be contracted in situations such as surgery or dental Any scenario that can result in a deep puncture or cut could result in contracting tetanus. For this reason, the preventive care of vaccination and booster shots is especially important.

What are the symptoms of tetanus?

Tetanus symptoms can take several weeks to develop and include body spasms, stiffness of abdominal muscles, lock jaw, fever and sweating. The average incubation period is seven to 10 days. Tetanus is an extremely painful condition which causes patience to wreath in pain from cramps.

Is tetanus curable?

Because there is no cure for tetanus, it is critical that you see your doctor for a tetanus booster shot every 10 years. If you have a deep wound and are unsure when your last booster shot was, you should go to the doctor immediately.

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