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My Immigration Medical Exam Experience

If you are living in the U.S. and it’s finally the day when you or your family are requested for the USCIS immigration physical examination probably my experience can be helpful for you. This exam required to make any changes to your legal status.

When we happily married with my husband, we applied for my Green Card and I filled out I-693 form (you can easily download and printed it here). This medical exam is an important step in the whole immigration process.

I started to look for a more convenient and affordable place to make it. I just want to let you know it’s always a good idea to call a few doctors to find out the better price for this exam. The cost varies significantly and depends on location and clinic.

My friend advised me doctor Alexander Katz. He is a USCIS Designated Civil Surgeon. (Immigration medical exam cannot be done by a regular doctor).

Price at Century Medical was more than affordable in comparing other physicians who certified by USCIS to perform these exams. So, I got my immigration medical exam in Peabody MA.

If you have your previous vaccination records, just bring them with you.

If you don’t have for some reason, never mind. There is no need to worry anyway! Especially with such a great doctor as Alexander Katz. Just be ready that may need to get some immunization shots at this appointment. A doctor will provide the needed vaccines and laboratory tests. You need to bring form I-693 and government-issued photo ID (such as a valid passport or driver’s license).

I have got my medical exam in Peabody very quickly. Doctor Alexander was very competent, helpful and caring, and my paperwork was completed very easy with him. When you are shopping around give them a call: (978) 594-8980 or check ONLINE.

Remember that you can’t open the envelope with your medical exam results! You must send it with other forms to USCIS or to bring the sealed report to your Green Card interview yourself.

Good luck!

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