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Tips for a Healthy Labor Day Weekend

We, here at Century Medical, PC, want you to enjoy the Labor Day, and make sure you keep you healthy, so here are some tips.

When shopping, pick up meat, poultry, and seafood last and separate them from other food in your shopping cart and grocery bags.

Keep meat, poultry and seafood refrigerated until ready to grill. When transporting, keep below 40 F, in an insulated cooler.

Wash your hands with soap before and after handling raw meat, poultry, and seafood. Wash work surfaces, utensils, and the grill before and after cooking.

Use a food thermometer to ensure the meat is cooked hot enough to kill harmful germs. When smoking, keep the temperature inside the smoker at 225°F to 300°F to keep meat at a safe temperature while it cooks.

  • 145 F beef, pork, lamb, veal and fish

  • 160 F hamburgers and other ground meat

  • 165 F poultry

Grill Safety Tips

  • Avoid cleaning your grill with a wire brush. The bristles can break off and get cooked into the food. If ingested, the bristles can cause serious internal injury.

  • Use grilling gloves and long utensils to avoid getting your hands too close to the heat.

  • Keep children and pets a safe distance from the grill at all times.

  • Keep in mind that the grill remains hot for a long time after cooking.

Dr. Katz and his team would like to wish all of our patients, family and friends, a fun, safe and happy Labor Day!

Our office is closed on Monday, September 2nd. We will be open on Tuesday, September 3rd. Do not miss us, schedule your appointment at Century Medical, PC, online!

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